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Importance of Site Clearance

Site clearance is often an overlooked aspect of a construction project. Site clearance is more than simply removing rubble and waste material. A professional site clearance company need to comply with strict rules. They must adhere to appropriate health and safety regulations for the removal of hazardous material. 

They also need to dispose of the waste material in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. For example, a concrete crusher can be crush rubble into smaller chunks. These can then be re-used in another project. Not only does this save valuable landfill space, it's also financially beneficial for the customer.

Site clearance contractors also need to work in a timely and efficient manner. Often site clearance is carried out before new construction work begins, so if there is a delay at this stage of the project, it will have a knock on effect on the following stages.

waste clearance on a construction site

Site Clearance and Preparation

Site clearance companies not only remove and dispose of any waste material. They are also often required to prepare the site for the construction work. This can include ground levelling and tree felling. They may treat the land so it's free of toxic and hazardous contamination which may affect the local environment. 

It is within their responsibility to ensure that the site complies with the local authority requirements and industry standards.

Site Clearance Equipment

The most common equipment used for site clearance is a grab-hire lorry. They are efficient in transporting large amounts of material at once. They are often mounted on heavy vehicles which means they are easy to transport to site location. There are often hand-tools such as chainsaws for removal of vegetation and tree felling. As mentioned, concrete crushers are often used to recycle any bricks, paving stones or redundant foundation. This can be supplied by the site clearance company or hired from an external company.

As responsible site owners, you will be aware of the importance of site clearance. Contact us today for skip hire inWashington.