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Building Jobs You Will Need A Skip For

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  • 02-07-2021
Building Jobs You Will Need A Skip For

Building Jobs You Will Need A Skip For

What are building jobs you will need a skip for? Find out more about the various uses of a builders skip and if a builders skip is right for you.

What jobs should a builder's skip be used for?

Builders skips are arguably the UK's most popular size of skip. They are often seen as having the best balance of small enough to place on your private land without any issues with your local authorities or community, making them the most accessible form of skips to hire. 

The good news is, they are spacious enough resources that you can fill with all kinds of waste, lightweight or heavy. You may fill them with domestic and commercial waste or recycling at your leisure. 

They can be used for short-term and long-term period use depending on your project without having to wait extended periods for our professionals to come and collect the skip for waste disposal or wait long periods for the skip to be initially van-delivered.

Here is a list compiled of the wide range of jobs the builder's skip may use for: 

Domestic Work

 Large domestic clearouts or completely new refurbishments

 Bulky waste or for small gardening jobs

Small home renovation work

 Storage or shed clearance

 Garden refurbishments or significant clearouts

 Home and garden rubbish clearances

 Common maintenance use

How Do You Dispose Of Construction Waste?
How Do You Dispose Of Construction Waste?

Industrial or Commercial

 General landscaping jobs

 Removing old driveways

Bathroom refurbishments or upgrades

 Refittings for bathrooms or kitchens

 Office and retail clearouts

 Digging out foundations

 Bedroom refurbishments or redesigns

 Wall removal or significant wall replacements

 Conservatory waste removal

Building Work  

Skip hire at Ideal Skips Ltd is an excellent choice for any building project. Customers frequently require and pay for much larger skip hire and next-day delivery for extensive jobs or work tasks; however, smaller skips have got you covered. They are still a prevalent choice for other forms of DIY or domestic work. 

We've compiled a list of jobs that you may need a skip to complete efficiently:

Converting a Loft or Basement: The project's scale depends on the amount of rubbish stored in your loft or basement. You may want to dispose of old junk in your skip if it is piling up, not being used in any way or reaching a point where it's a risk to your health and safety. 

Getting rid of old insulation will require perhaps knocking down a wall, thus much more generated waste and rubble to add to your skip. Hiring skips with Ideal Skips Ltd is a fantastic way to rid your loft or basement waste. Give us a call today if you require one of our quality skips or need one to be collected. 

Knocking Down a Wall: Before you begin knocking down a wall, it's best to consult a professional expert to assist you in creating an open-plan space to extend the room you have. 

You may have a home unsuitable for a project like knocking down a wall, or it may not be aesthetically pleasing to the household you have. The worst-case scenario would be to start such a massive task like this and realise it doesn't suit your home. 

However, if you are going ahead with this project, you'll likely need a skip. Plenty of bricks, rubble and general debris needs to be thrown away. 

Due to the mass weight of the rubbish you could acquire, you will need to hire builders skip, as the large skips that skip hiring companies offer are often unsuitable. Feel free to contact us today if you are interested in our builder's skips.

Replacing Old Floors and Ceilings: Replacements and refurbishments of ceilings and old floors can be incredibly messy and result in so much waste, and before you know it, your backyard or garden is piled high with tiles, plaster and old floorboards. 

For those looking to get rid of this waste, call us today for our skip hire services or on our email address that you can find. 

The best skip to use in this scenario would be a large skip, of which we offer at Ideal Skips Ltd. It is a perfect and essential choice for those who plan on replacing numerous floors on the same property or significantly large properties. 

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What is a builder's skip?

A builder's skip is often used to refer to skips that are 6-yard and 8-yard in size. They are looked at as one best skip in size, as they are small enough to place on private land and big enough to hold masses of debris and rubbish. 

It is quite a loose term in the construction industry, so that you may find varied sizes of these builder's skips within numerous companies at potentially smaller or larger sizes. 

Builder's skips are incredibly versatile for the stuff you want disposed of, as you can use them for domestic and commercial business purposes. 

All kinds of customers and clients alike find that they are so spacious and perfect for several jobs. They are also fantastic for saving money; many spend so much on skip hire permits; however, a builder's skip from a skip hire service like ours is the perfect cost-effective solution. 

How big is a builder's skip?

As mentioned before, builder's skips come in sizes of 6 cubic yards and 8 cubic yards. They are considered the perfect size for domestic and commercial jobs and projects on public or private property.

6-yard builder's skip

 The width: 1.52m (5ft)

 The height: 1.22m (4ft)

 The length: 2.6m (8.6ft)

 The capacity: 6-yards (4.6m3)

8-yard builder's skip

 The width: 1.68m (5.6ft)

 The height: 1.22m (4ft)

 The length: 3.66m (12ft)

 The capacity: 8-yards (6.1m3)

*One cubic yard = Roughly ten bin bags

How much will a builder's skip hold?

Waste skips are known for their tremendous capacity to hold various weights and loads, even the slightly smaller and cheaper builder's skips for costs that suit roughly any budget. Such is why they are so incredibly popular with numerous clients, from industrial and commercial to domestic.

It isn't easy to give an exact answer, as answers frequently vary, and it depends heavily on the kinds of waste you are dealing with. For example, if you deal with large bulky waste lie hard-core, bricks or masonry, your skip will fill much quicker instead of smaller domestic-related items and garden rubbish. 

A general guide for the number of materials these skips can hold:

6-yard builder's skip

6-Yard skips can generally carry around 55-60 large bin bags of rubbish and debris or approximately 19 wheelie bins of waste.

8-yard builder's skip

8-Yard skips normally hold between 70-80 significantly sizeable black bin bags of your waste, around 25 wheelie bins worth of debris.

Contact Ideal Skips Ltd today for further information on the skips we provide and hire out to our customers. 

Our team offer free quotes at the best competitive prices to suit all those searching for our small, large and builder's skips. 

Our friendly, reliable professionals will be there to chat and offer any details and advice on the skip best for your project or industry work. 

If you are interested in managing construction waste you may need to hire a skip for your building project. Find out more about  commercial skip hire in Washington, Durham, Tyne and Wear.